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Child Care Needs Survey

Dear Parent,

We are opening a high quality early education program in your neighborhood. We would like to know more about your child's education needs. Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire.

*6. If so, which programs would you be most interested in? Check all that apply:
Part time preschool
Full time preschool/ child care
Part time infant care
Full time infant care
School age child care
Drop in care
*8. Where would you prefer to have your child(ren) cared for?
a. Near where you work?
b. Near where you live?
c. Other location
*9. Generally speaking, in selecting an ideal child care arrangement, which is more important to you? (please pick one)
a. Quality is more important
b. Cost is more important
c. Closeness to home is more important
d. Closeness to work is more important
e. No opinion