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3 1/2-year-old: Grammar quirks

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 8:35 AM
It is very important how we talk to our children.If we want them to succeed and have have fun with language we need to talk to them properly. By doing so, this would make their language learning experience less stressful to them. Reading often would also help with this, not to mention learning to recognized words, letters and phonetic sounds.

You thought your child had the language thing down. Now you hear him making grammatical mistakes he never seemed to make before.


Don't worry. This is normal. As preschoolers pick up grammar rules, they tend to apply them in all cases. This is called over-regularization. For instance, they're learning that they need to add "ed" to make the past tense, so they add it to all verbs. Instead of "I went to the store," they'll say, "I goed to the store." More examples: "I winned." "She fallded down."


Instead of pointing out the mistake and correcting it, model good grammar by repeating the sentence back using the proper verb tense. "Yes, I went to the store with you."


Pronouns are another tricky spot: "Her stayed at my house today." Again, discreetly insert the proper pronoun as you continue your conversation. "How long did she stay at your house today?" Take care to use the right pronoun in your own speech: Instead of saying, "Mama can help you," say "I can help you.}

Source: BabyCenter LLC (babycenter.com)

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