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What makes a good Pediatrician?

That is a question concern parents everywhere has on their mind. I will attempt to answer this questions as best as possible thru my personal experience. I feel these are some of the qualities they should posses.

  1. A good listener- parents have concerns about their children's health and feel they should be heard and not ridiculed about asking questions.
  2. Has a staff that cares about the children and their families.
  3. The staff would let parents know when and if their children needs any vaccinations.
  4. They offer the correct information to the parents, not miss informing parents of thinks that are important to know. Information such as communicable diseases.
  5. Courtesy calls are always nice. We know how busy we could be and having a reminder call is always nice.
  6. Not having to wait a life time to be seen.
  7. Where money is not always everything.
I have found 2 Pediatrician Office that offer warm friendly services. They have be good to me. If you need staff that really cares for your children, give them a try.

Dr. Aime in Plant City

Dr. Stewart in N. Lakeland
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