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“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”- Plato


Mrs. R has been working with children for over 20 years. She has personal experience with her family members and also on the professional level. She has an extensive knowledge that is beneficial to both the child and the family. Mrs. R has an AA in General Studies, BA in Applied Behavioral Science and is currently working on her AS in Early Childhood Education and Management. She currently has her VPK Directors Credential. 

Mrs. R is from NYC, Married and has a lovely child. She is of Latin decedent and speaks both languages fluently. She has a very eclectic taste in music, cultures, foods and many more interest. She loves to expose the children to the different cultures, music and the world in general. Her philosophy is "the more children learn to appreciate the world around them, the better human beings they will become."

Mr. B has been working with kids since he was a teen, coming for a large extended family. After high school he entered the Marines and was trained as a Military Policeman. Then began a career in Private Security and Law Enforcement, where he trained personal in these areas. During this time he received certifications from the State of Florida in training and adult education as well as his degree in Criminal Justice. He has also received training and certifications in Early Childhood Education.

Mr. B is a native of Florida, married and was blessed with a lovely little girl. His philosophy is that children need a healthy balance of nurturing, education, respect and discipline to become productive members of society and this should be done at a young age to provide a good foundation.

Quotes Do you have a blog? You post some very interesting information that would be great in a blog on your Website. I don't know how many learning centers do that, but I think the numbers are small, which means you will get people's attention. Quotes
Marina Baker
Group Admin of Plant City Connections (FB)

Quotes I have never been more comfortable leaving my daughter at a facility then I have been with R.E.L inc. The owner is an absolute jewel and treats my daughter like family. This is exactly what I have been looking for and Alexis has already started learning! She has only been there a week!! Thanks R.E.L! Quotes
Ashton Mullen
Satisfied Mom

Quotes I am 24yrs old and I have 4 beautiful kids and one granddaughter.. I also have a wonderful husband and they are all my pride and joy... We just started with REL and they are great people and loving with the kids... Very happy that we are extending our family with more love and care... Quotes
K's Mom

Quotes My wife and I notice how happy our Cindy is when in your care. The look on her face when she is there is priceless. Thank you. Quotes
A. Armstrong

Quotes Background screening parents, guardians and others that pick up and drop off kids, WOW- AWESOME! Why did not everyone else think of this?! Great Job and Thanks. Quotes
The Hamiltons

Quotes You have been the ONLY COMPANY that extends the safety of our children. I know the system can not always keep those that causes harm to our kids away, but you take an extra step to make sure they stay clear while in your care. Thanks for screening those that come near them. Quotes

Quotes You not only took care of my son, you took care of me when I was in need. Thank you both for having a heart of gold. You are more than childcare providers, you are angels of God!!!! BTW, I Love the Idea you have of doing Background screening on parents. Always looking out for our kids, Great Idea!!!! Luv and Missing you, Amber and John now in TX. Quotes

Quotes Charity is always happy to see you. She is always asking when can she go back and visit. She loves you all and I'm glad she does. It makes me feel at ease to know she's in great hands. Thanks for being there. Quotes

Quotes Gracias por cuidar a nuestros ninos. Estan muy feliz. Quotes
Carmen Y Manuel

Quotes I can not begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have a "second mom" for my children. You have been such a wonderful role model and a very important person in their lives. I am so glad our paths has crossed. Thank you so much for being you. My children and I love you as if you were family. - Amy. Quotes